Flights from Krasnojarsk

International Flights From Krasnojarsk ( 54 flights found )

  • KJA → MOW Krasnojarsk to Moscow
    07:20 AM → 08:15 AM
    295 non-stop
  • KJA → OVB Krasnojarsk to Novosibirsk
    03:35 PM → 03:40 PM
    01:05:00 non-stop
  • KJA → MOW Krasnojarsk to Moscow
    07:20 AM → 08:15 AM
    295 non-stop
  • KJA → NSK Krasnojarsk to Norilsk
    08:10 AM → 10:45 AM
    02:35:00 non-stop
  • KJA → MOW Krasnojarsk to Moscow
    07:20 AM → 08:15 AM
    295 non-stop
  • KJA → LED Krasnojarsk to St Petersburg
    05:40 AM → 07:05 AM
    05:25:00 non-stop
  • KJA → BKK Krasnojarsk to Bangkok
    02:50 AM → 09:35 AM
    06:45:00 non-stop
  • KJA → IKT Krasnojarsk to Irkutsk
    10:35 AM → 01:55 PM
    140 non-stop
  • KJA → SGC Krasnojarsk to Surgut
    09:40 AM → 12:05 PM
    265 non-stop
  • KJA → SVX Krasnojarsk to Ekaterinburg
    04:10 PM → 05:40 PM
    210 non-stop

Planning is of the essence when traveling for business or leisure. When traveling from Krasnojarsk, outlining your trip in advance will ensure a smooth traveling experience. Find out everything you need to know about booking your flight from Krasnojarsk.

Flights depart from Yemelyanovo International Airport. The IATA code for this airport is KJA.

Flights from Yemelyanovo International Airport connect to 0 domestic cities in the country. About 0 domestic airlines depart from Krasnojarsk. The major airlines include . A total of 0 domestic flights fly from Krasnojarsk. is the first flight, departing at and is the last one, departing at .

Close to 54 international airlines leave from Krasnojarsk. Flights from Krasnojarsk arrive at 54 international destinations. The main international airlines that depart from Krasnojarsk are Angara Airlines, Angara Airlines, and Saratov Airlines. 17 international flights depart from Krasnojarsk. The first international flight to depart from the city is Nordstar, which leaves at 02:15 PM. The last one that passengers may board from Krasnojarsk is Yakutia Airlines, which is scheduled to leave at 06:40 PM.

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