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Philippine Airlines was founded in the year 1941 with the aim of serving the nation with state-of-the-art air travel options. Over the years and amidst several struggles, including a global war, the airline focused on its service offering and improving air travel norms. Today, it is widely regarded as one of the best international airlines in the world and a highly proficient one within Asia.

On-Board Philippine Airlines

The airline extends its services to several worldwide destinations. In the Middle East, it flies regularly to the following major destinations: Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha & Dubai.

Connectivity and Fleet Information

The carrier undertakes regular fleet expansion and improvement programs. This ensures maximum safety for the passengers.

Their fleet consists of elite aircraft like the Boeing 777-3000 ERs and 747-400s; as well as Airbus A330-300s, 343-300s, A320-200sand 319-100s.

Services and Baggage Allowance

Philippine Airlines offers a host of in-flight and on-ground services to every traveler. The menu, snacks, seating and entertainment programs are regularly updated keeping in mind customer comfort and preference. The Mabuhay program especially endeavors to offer discounts and travel benefits to regular flyers. The carrier is also known to offer additional services to passengers who are medically ill or in need of special care.

The Philippine Airlines Web check-in facility may be availed of by all passengers. Travelers may book, verify, check-in and print their travel details and boarding pass before the flight departure. To avail of this facility, please click here.

The class of travel and destination largely influences the Philippine Airlines baggage allowance. For international flights to the Middle East, the limit for checked-in baggage is 23 kgs for Abu Dhabi, 30 kgs for Bahrain, 40 kgs for Doha and 30 kgs for Dubai. Mabuhay Classic travelers are allowed 40 kgs for Abu Dhabi. Passengers may have to pay a surcharge to check in extra baggage. Special permission needs to be taken in order to carry pets and large equipment.

For specific information related to baggage or restricted items, please click here.

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Philippine Airlines Airlines top sectors

The top sectors for Philippine Airlines Airlines are Manila to Cebu , Cebu to Manila , Davao to Manila and Manila to Davao where it operates 80, 80, 77 and 65 weekly flights respectively. Top international sectors of Philippine Airlines include Manila to Tokyo , Tokyo to Manila , Calgary to Vancouver and Vancouver to Calgary . They also have occasional flights from Fukuoka to Sendai, Fukuoka to Okinawa and Osaka to Manila flights. Find more route here -

Top Philippine Airlines Routes